Kaap Global Consulting LTD. represents Cargo Care Poland outside Poland, in Europe. Cargo Care Poland is one of the important forwarding and logistics companies on the local market. In April 2013 we officially started operating on British market (as registered company) and since then we have been actively looking for British partners and meeting them to negotiate cooperations.

Financial independence combined with the flexibility and close relationships with Customers - are the three pillars of our company philosophy.

Our mission
We treat all our Customers as long-term business partners

Our mission is to continually enhance our Customers core business performance by providing them with advanced logistics solutions delivered more efficiently and with higher quality than done internally.

We achieve our goals thanks to EXPERTISE, deep branch knowledge.

We offer a comprehensive solution that enables our customers to focus on their core business activities, such as production and sales.

Our key product is road-freight. We have been handling our Customers’ shipments for 2 years delivering domestic and international shipments in cooperation with carefully selected subcontractors and partners.

On the basis of our experience and cooperation with dependable subcontractors and transportation companies, we organise shipping of goods with wide spectrum of loads. Transportation is organised between Poland and all European countries, and also within countries in the European Union.

Our customers appreciate our EXPERTISE, smart infrastructure and deep understanding of markets we operate in, which guarantees their satisfaction as well as their contractors.

We handle transports of:

  • Neutral goods
  • Dangerous goods and temperature fragile goods - with cool trailers, equipped with temperature control device (ATP convention) and ADR for dangerous goods
  • Express shipments
    • with trucks of 0.7t, 1.5t and 3.5t capacity
    • with additional services of reloading, unpacking and pick-up of the packages
  • Over-gauge shipments

We are also organising individual orders and complex construction projects (so-called cargo projects).

We implement just-in-time orders and individual orders, weekly/monthly shipment plans or other periods required by the our Customer.

Quality control:

We constantly control our operations and services, measuring their effectiveness and efficiency with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as indicated by our Customers.

Our fleet of subcontracted vehicles meets the latest technical and environmental requirements. Concerning the safety of shipments our trucks are equipped with the satellite navigation system, which directly results with the high quality of communication and steady monitoring of shipments.